The days are getting shorter and the year is nearing its end. We can still warm ourselves in the last rays of autumn sunlight, but the Advent season and winter are just around the corner.

Now is the perfect time to enjoy life’s many beautiful, magical and atmospheric moments. This is also the time for contemplation and reflection. What was in the past? And what might the future bring?

VIVENTY’s Beautiful Moments collection takes this sensual mood and translates it into modern jewelry. The line includes elegant pieces of silver jewelry, some of them plated with high-quality yellow or rose gold, for festive occasions. Beautiful Moments also offers sophisticated rings and earrings, with and without gemstones, for daily wear. And the richly detailed heart-shaped pendants are extremely charming: each is a genuine sign of love, friendship and appreciation.

Enjoying everyday happiness, giving presents to friends and celebrating what we share in common: VIVENTY’s Beautiful Moments collection makes all these events into especially lovely and memorable moments.