Lovely love-charms and
everlasting memories.

Strong emotions

The wearing of lockets is an age old tradition dating far back in time. The idea of carrying a reminder of a loved one enclosed in a precious piece of jewelry with you everywhere you go is special and somewhat secretive. It might be a picture, a lock of hair or something else that we hold precious.

Some lockets supposedly have magical properties or provide the wearer with luck or positive energy. When we wear our locket we have our loved one with us and close to our heart. We feel that something good is at our side and have a feeling that a special something is helping us to reach our goals, give us strength and conquer obstacles. Lockets combined with precious stones deepen the effect of this positive energy.

Your very personal locket

Your secret kept safely inside a locket. Memories and pictures captured in time. VIVENTY SECRETS-Lockets. Create your own individual treasure and complete it with a special love-charm.

Viventy Secrets - My Medaillon

The love-charms and their meaning

A never ending story of creative combinations – combine your locket with one or more love-charms.

Green fluorite stands for inspiration and the power of thought. It boosts our selfconfidence and fills our emotions with wisdom.

Garnet: The selfconfidence stone, boosting willpower and bestowing joie de vivre.

Rock crystal is one of the most important, as well as one of the oldest healing stones. It stands for willpower and increases perseverance.

Labradorite promotes creativity and is the stone of imagination and meditation. It activates our connection to the spiritual world.

Rose quartz is the stone of love, and of lovers. It strengthens the heart chakra, increasing the capacity to love both others and ourselves.

Positive energy: Smoky quartz stands for willpower. It helps dissolve stress and tension and improves perseverance.

The amethyst stands for spirituality. It strengthens intuition and bestows a sense of calm and devotion.

The Atlantis stone: Larimar is both a lucky stone and a healing stone. It gives off loving energies and helps us to find our way in life.

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